We are called in the company of others, called together...

Our community life is rooted in the invitation to follow Christ and to become a sign of communion. This spirit of communion inspires different forms of community life. It is there that we are called to bear witness that another world is possible and to live the dialogue between different cultures, generations and mentalities.

In our journey through life we are supported by the bonds existing among us and by our confidence in the faithfulness of God's promise. Our commitment, through the Vows, shapes our community life.

Celibacy - the vow for relatedness

The way we live companionship enables the human and spiritual growth of each person as well as the community. This companionship is based on gratuitous love, given and received, and opens us to a deepening relationship with God, with others and with oneself. It is a living sign of the spirit of reconciliation and an ongoing learning experience of inclusion.

Poverty - the vow for stewardship

We see ourselves as inter-dependent. The placing in common of all that we have and are is part of our commitment, with others, to a more just sharing of the goods of the earth. It challenges us and our community lifestyle. We accept and welcome one another with our strengths and weaknesses, our richness and our poverty.

Obedience - the vow for partnership

Calls us to discern with a listening heart. This discernment is the attitude that underpins everything in our lives and helps us carry the mission together, seeking the will of God in every event. The way we take part in the process of discernment, in making decisions and collaborating and carrying out decisions, develops the co-responsibility of each person.

Our communities are generally small and may involve Sisters living alone and meeting together regularly with those close by for prayer, sharing of life, and social enjoyment.

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