From our very foundation, our Mission has been diverse and we find our communion with one another not in a specific shared work, but in the Source from which it springs. We desire that the choices we make in living our mission should favour those who suffer, the needy, the marginalised and those who are denied freedom and the possibility of living a truly human life

We want to go right to the end, journeying with others, in the quest for a more human life, helping one another attain the goal of our creation: the fullness of life and the vision of God.

In all of this our desire is:

  • to be present where fundamental human rights are violated and, act with others to defend and promote justice, peace and the integrity of creation;
  • that our choices lead us to work in networks within our different societies and that wherever we find ourselves, we frequently evaluate our ways of being, integrating reflection and action;
  • To discover, to listen to and to accompany the signs of hope and solidarity present in those who suffer and in everyone we encounter.


Mary Rose

MaryRose works in Spirituality and Accompaniment. Her passion is to accompany people at all the different stages of life, especially in suffering, change, loss and wherever there is a desire for growth in relationship with God and with the deeper Self. MaryRose also trains people from all walks of life to be Spiritual Accompaniers. She has led workshops in the UK, Australia, South Africa & Sweden. At the moment she has responsibility for Initial Formation (the noviciate) and is on the Leadership team.



Maureen has long experience of working in media and communication both in the UK and in Canada. She currently works in Hospital radio and teachers English to immigrants in Glasgow. She translates documents from French to English for the Society and runs a summer school for our Sisters from other countries who want to learn English.

After having worked in nursing,



Rosemary trained in counselling and spiritual accompaniment. She now works as chaplain in a psychiatric hospital, walking alongside people in their woundedness. She recently spent some time with our Sisters in Hong Kong, helping them to look at ways of caring for their elderly. Rosemary is a campaigner for women in the Church and for women’s ordination and feels a call to pray for and to challenge the Institutional Church.



Jeannette, together with a Sacred Heart Sister, has recently begun a collaborative project in Edinburgh to offer “A Time and a Space” to people of their area. They open their home to provide rest/renewal and quiet days or evenings. They also work as part-time chaplains at a High School and Jeannette is involved in Leaning Support in a local Primary School.

After retiring from many years in Social Work.



Elizabeth works in Pastoral ministry in two Parishes in Liverpool. She feels a particular call to accompany bereaved families and she leads Funeral Services. She is our Bursar and is a Trustee for a local Community Centre where she also volunteers. In her commitment to local families, she is a longstanding school governor and is responsible for Baptismal Preparation.



Elaine – Elaine worked in nursing and nurse teaching in the UK and Tanzania. At the height of the HIV/ Aids epidemic, she set up support groups, especially for women and children, in our house in London. She was also instrumental in providing a space for the Catholic gay community to meet. Her time in Africa gave her a passion for overseas development and she now a CAFOD Volunteer and works with Gender Equality. Elaine is a keen campaigner on justice and peace issues.

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